Speaker-smashing, bass-face worthy and body beating RAW is exactly what the German Hardstyle sensation Ncrypta is all about. With one robust solo album, a discography full of lethal singles and countless moments bringing crowds to a new level of energy under his belt, Ncrypta is an act that’s steadily been conquering the scene, one raw kick at a time.

The tenacious DJ and producer is known for knockouts such as “Rampage” with Rebelion, “Rip It Open” with Deadly Guns, his remix of Act of Rage’s “Brain Confusion”, “Surrender” and “Frontline” with Warface to name a few. Excelling at creating cataclysmic kicks, a massive atmosphere and high-quality sounds, all brought to life during high-energy performances; Ncrypta is more than prepared to continue dominating festivals with intensity!

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